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Art On Lark/Bombers

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Written by Emily on 06/09/2007.

Art on Lark was a wide variety of different kinds of art ranging from paintings to jewelery and even some solo musians playing music along the way. The custom jewelry designs were quite original...but expensive :( The heat and humidity definately didn't keep the crowds away. After our stroll through all the art we all decided to head our parched bodies on over to the imfamous Bombers for the second event! The drinks never tasted so wonderful after being in that heat! Thank goodness for the bar being available since there was alittle bit of a wait for a table. Conversation topics of realistate, careers, concerts and a little of bit of politics kept us occupied until our table came available. Wow those burritos were HUGE! And of course very delicious! It was a great time. Thank you all for making it out(Anthony, Emily, Lori, Nicole & Suzanne). It was great coming to visit a new city and getting the chance to spend an afternoon with some really cool people!


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