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Gila Road Trip and Backpack Camping

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Written by Jeremy on 05/17/2008.

Amy, whom some of you may know, came over from Tucson to host a Tucson/Abq meetin event to see some of the area's ancient heritage and culture.

The Gila Cliff Dwellings were built and occupied my the Mogollon culture in the 13th century and abandoned in the 14th because of a prolonged drought and over-taxation of the local resources--or that's what our guide told us--leaving us modern people to stare in wonder at the achievements of a stone age people. Keep in mind all this was built without the use of pack animals. A fact I find awesome considering the local terrain. No sheep; no oxes; no horses, donkeys, or burros. Amazing.

The day was as fine as you could hope for with a cool clear morning turning into a temperate and sunny afternoon. We (Jenny, Koshare, and I) met Amy, Helena and Patricia at the visitor center where guides were taking groups into other untouched sites.

There is so much to explore in the Gila. After the group event, Jenny and I headed into the back country. During our hike we saw at least two more sites high in the canyon walls. A great destination to get your "New Mexico" battery recharged.

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