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Kentucky Derby Highs & Lows

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Jenny Marie
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Written by Jenny Marie on 05/05/2008.

I may have lost my first bet hours before the Derby began (I bet Jeremy when the first guests would arrive, and lost by three minutes), but betting is the least important part of my Derby Day. The thrill of victory was palpable, as was the odor of mint and bourbon. Twelve friendly sorts and two pups converged on my living room for an afternoon of derring-do or begging, respectively. One member actually bet on the winner, with great financial rewards, the rest of us were content to search the long list of places to find where our horses came in (Gayeco was seventeenth. I have to revamp my picking process). The saddest news was the death of the filly from second place, Eight Belles. That still makes me sad. But since these newsletters are not supposed to dwell on the depressing, let me point out that even the party gate-crashers brought hats, that a new person *signed up* after meeting the meetin party crew, that we had far more food than anyone had an intention of eating (and Jeremy and I are in hot dogs for a month), that Adriana, Tricia, Christina, and Amanda were all first-timers (hope we were not too intimidating), that Jeremy is nothing more than a saint for helping clean and host a Derby party when he had the stomach flu, and that any party that goes from the listed time of 2ish until long after dark is a success for me. Jenifer and Jennifer and Jeff, it was good to see you all again, and Brad, no investment could be better than that spankin' new conductor's hat. I'm thinking maybe you should wear that to all future events!

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