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Wednesday Night on Wheels

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Written by Mona on 06/04/2008.

Despite the fact that our skating turnout was smaller than anticipated tonight, we had fun a lot of fun! Meeps Eric and I got a great leg workout out on the rink. Eric's two teenagers and their young guest all joined in on the fun while skating music blasted through the speakers.

As the young rollerskaters zoomed by the adults, we still pretty much managed to stay erect out on the rink. Eric told me he did fall down once, but it's still a good record!

The DJ managed to play "The Electric Slide" at one point. As I skated right through the song, it didn't feel right. I wasn't even sure if I should have continued skating or simply stop and dance to the song. Hmmm...tempting, indeed!

This is one event that will be repeated in the future. Stay tuned, folks....

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