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Labor Day Wkend Camping Trip

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Written by Sonya on 09/02/2008.

Just got back yesterday from a Labor Day Weekend Tent Campout at Redondo Campground near Jemez Springs, NM. This was our first venture at camping in NM since moving here over 2yrs ago... There were a total of 6 of us that went...myself and Dwayne were all that ended up going from the ABQ Meetin Group...my two teenagers....and my 27yr old son and his wife drove up from southern AZ to meet us. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which we found the campground...it was not as primative as I had thought it would be...there were vault toilets (very clean I thought)...and each campsite had its own picnic table and fire ring, most of the fire rings also had grates. Although this campground was not along the river, my son got up early Sat am and drove just a few miles to one of the many river access areas close by for fishing...he did catch a couple of small trout down by Soda Dam. After Breakfast the rest of us went in search of some fun...we drove up to a trailhead a few miles uproad and then hiked in to Jemez Falls...not a long hike at all. While my daughter in law and I took pics, the teenagers waded across the stream and went exploring and climbing along the many rock formations, later taking time to swim up by the falls. These falls are not as elaborate or extensive as Yosemite Falls but are beautiful and full and provided us with some much needed relaxation and fun. The water was clear...the stream shallow enough for me to feel comfortable with the kids (who are both good swimmers) to play in and not so cold this time of year that the rest of us could not enjoy a little wading! Sat eve was clear as we enjoyed the campfire and smores but we woke up Sunday to a day of rain...thank goodness I had thought to bring a 10x10 canopy for over the table! With some table games and my son's poker set we spent the day laughing and just enjoying the time together while teaching each other some new games...among them one called Quidler that I highly recommend for parents with kids as well as those who enjoy games like Scrabble! We decided to stick it out while watching many of the other tent campers pack it up and leave due to the rain storms that day.... Monday morning the sky was clear and beautiful once again! Too bad we had to leave due to work schedules and school! For anyone that is contemplating camping in northern NM....just beware of the monsoon season...it does bring rain so be prepared! We drove out by Fenton Lake to see what was there before we left the area...there are many other areas along Hwy 4 and the road that leads off to Fenton lake with campsites...most with vault toilets that we saw...I am eager to try the San Antonio Campground that is on the way to the lake as it does run along a stream where one can fish also....the drive in by Fenton lake is a dirt road...but two cars can pass easily....there are both day use picnic areas as well as overnight campsites with tables and fire rings and without...There were plenty of people fishing along the shores of the lake (which to some of us looked more like a large pond) but the area is beautiful, surrounded with pine trees. I would recommend these areas to any campers....from newbies like my daughter in law to those of us that are hard core lovers of the outdoors! One thing we took along for the first time that I was so glad to use was what is called a "Disc-it"....Dwayne had borrowed it to bring... it is a wok like propane barbeque that you can cook anything from frying bacon to grilling steak and eggs on...there was not one meal which we did not use this...in fact I didn't use either of my two campstoves at all because we had this...we used the firegrill to warm water and bake with and the Disc-It for everything else! If you are interested in this item let either Dwayne or myself know and one of us can get you the website for it!

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