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St Clair's Winery & Bistro

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Written by Ann on 10/19/2008.

We had a great turn out at St Clair's on Friday Oct 10! The food was good, the wine was great, BUT the conversation with friends rocked! I had a lot of fun and my cheeks were sore from laughing the night away. Airess took some nice pictures of the event and was kind enough to forward them. And I thought I'd share them with the rest of you. A special thank you to everyone who came out to make Airess (from Honolulu) feel welcomed here in Albuquerque! Pictured from left to right: Ann, Sonya, Dwayne, Shawna, & Neil.

If anyone has any pictures that night with Airess, can you please email them to me so I can add them to these? Thanks - That'd be great!!

Ann :)

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