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Eurovision Song Contest

May 2019

Hosted by

Joanna   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
For those that have not come across this phenomenon before check out the Wiki article, link above.

The 2 semi-finals are Tuesday 14th May and Thursday 16th May. The Netherlands will be competing on the Thursday.

More info can be found here.

We will carry on a MEETinAmsterdam tradition and get as many nationalities together to watch this in a bar, great for fans, a chance to re-introduce this cultural phenomenon to sceptical Europeans, and to show the rest of the world quite what Europe is capable of (and leave them quaking in their boots ;-))

Previous famous contestants include ABBA, who launched their career with their wining song Waterloo. And of course who can forget Conchita Wurst!

It is an evening of terrible songs, music and performances followed by voting that is guided by politics not artistic merit!! What fun that sounds eh???!!!! ;-)

Please bring along a traditional snack from your home country and some national outfits. If you are unlucky enough to not be represented in the final, then perhaps adopt another country to support!

This is a fun event, a chance to hear some truly awful music and see some truly awful entries! There will be a quiz and competition to guess, I mean correctly judge, the winners.