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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

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Written by Joanna on 05/19/2011.

Well another year and another Eurovision without The Netherlands :-( Maybe next year!
Thanks to all those that came out for this event and for showing your enthusiasm. As always it was great to introduce this music fest to people for the first time - I think I have created some Eurovision monsters out there!
I would like to say a huge thankyou to my co-host Theo for putting together the quiz and general help in the setting up of this event. I would also like to thank all those that brought food, we ended up with a lovely selection of delectable bites. Also a big thankyou to Cafe Hoopman for letting us take over the bar and providing us with prizes....which brings me to the competitions.
Congratulations to Ann-Marie's mother Evelyn for wining the quiz. The trophy will be handed to you soon.
As for the sweepstake pot of E29 and the two bottles of bubbly which were to be given to the person/s that correctly guessed/judged the winner.... well no one guessed correctly, it was of course Azerbaijan. So the money and the prizes will be held over until a suitable opportunity arises to use them.

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