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Friday After Work Drinks With MEETin Amsterdam

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Written by Liza on 05/15/2016.

MEETin is not only a great way to make friends in your own city, you can also make friends around the world! Back in 2011, I attended the MEETin Celebration in Amsterdam where I got to know - and stayed in touch with - a number of MEETin Amsterdammers. A few came to Montreal in 2013 for the MEETin Invasion (a self-organized Celebration) here. So, what do I do when Derrek and I have a layover in Amsterdam? Co-host a Friday After Work Drinks event with Joanna!

Joanna picked Feijoa - a happening cocktail bar near the hotel. When I arrived, it was packed and buzzing with pre-weekend festivities. We were joined by Jo, Jules and Lea, two of which I hadn't met before. We caught up with old friends, met new ones, got great tips on Amsterdam and talked about life in Amsterdam in general.

Thanks, everyone, for a fun evening!

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