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Victory - 6th Annual Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival

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Written by Tom on 09/05/2007.

Read all about it, Meetin members risked everything. They entered Buffalo in great numbers
from Rochester, Buffalo and Portland, Oregon to see who was the stronger species, man or chicken.
Putting their mouths and stomachs to the ulimate test as they braced themselves to face the
onslaught of 12 tons of chicken wings at Buffalo's 6th Annual Chicken Wing Festival and won!
Their slogan, we are the Champions!, We are the Champions!, oh yeah!
Our brave group meet in a nearby parking lot because we were on our game coming together
at around the same time. Then we were off to wait for the balance of the meetin members at
the Washington Street Entrance. It wasn't long before our battle trained tummies said
"oh yeah, let the games begin". So we moved in for the kill at around 2:15 pm and entered
the arena of competition.
The team consisted of meetin members...from Portland Oregon ...Phillip the incredible,
from Rochester the road tested seasoned gladiators...Sonia, Kathi, Colleen, Rowan, Pat and
Tom -who brought late arriving reinforcements Jose and Sylvia and ...Buffalo brought forth
fire eating Tom with two more reinforcements ...deep cover wing agent veterans in their own
right Sherry and Joe. In the end we still needed another Meetin member so Jeremy arrived
incognito and made the ultimate flanking move to seal our victory over the chickens!
We set our sites on the home of the original chicken wing Buffalo's own Anchor Bar,
then moved passed Gabriel's Gate who distributed to the masses one of Buffalo's other
famous foods - Beef on Weck. Next we arrived and attacked the hottest wings, the Diablo
which caused pain and smoke to come out of our ears! We ate our way through the arena and settled in
for desert at Falletta's as our victory was complete!
The arena spectators were entertained in other ways as well with music from the group
Pirate Dreams and a young man wrapped completely from head to toe in tin foil! He looked
like a toothpaste tube complete with top cap, and stayed wrapped for an hour or so until
the heat got the best of him. Then suddenly, he was down on the ground and he burst forth
from his wrappings to be drenched quickly by water. Finally we witnessed massive food
consumption by the Federation of Competive Eating Champs. Men of size attemped to eat
from individual pans full of wings and things weighing eight pounds each and I mean guys
upwards of two to three hundred pounds. But in the end they yielded to to the speedy 105
pound Sonja Thomas AKA -The Black Widow!
All in all this event was amazing, we came away the winners tasting, laughing and all
filled up. Catch this event with us next year!
And for more on the spot coverage of this event go to MeetinRochester home page and
check out Sonia's post story and pics!

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