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A Day at Letchworth State Park

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Written by Sonia on 10/24/2007.

What a beautiful backdrop of foliage color we had for MeetinRochester and MeetinBuffalo's Fall outting in Letchworth. Thank you to everyone who took the chance on the weather to come out! It was great seeing MeetinBuffalo members Malena(+Malena) and Soumi! Glad you all found the location with out a hitch. Tom, Patrick and myself made our way there from Rochester. It was great seeeing that the leaves were still on the trees. It wasn't that late in the year after all-wheeww!

We all decided on eating first and then hiking off lunch later. Thank you everyone for bringing something for lunch. Patrick and Tom did the cooking for everone(great job guys!)We had hamburgers, hotdogs, Cactus salad, potato salad, chips & salsa and cheetos(my fav!). And for dessert bread pudding! Thank you Malena for the awesome photos of the event!!

After lunch we decided on hiking up to the railroad tracks since we saw others up there taking photos. Wow! The view of Autumn was breathtaking from up there. Who woulda thought the photos woulda been taken in the "Restricted Area!" Malena got some excellent shots from atop the railroad bridge!! After about 15 minutes though Boo Boo the Park Ranger(or was it Yogi?) broke up our party and told us we had to get off the railroad bridge. I thought we were going to get arrested! :/ "Yikes!" Well it was a good thing we got off since the 3 O'clock train did come by! For some reason I guess I thought those tracks were dead tracks. We all got a chuckle when Malena brought up the "Stand By Me" railroad scene to us as we were coming up to the bridge-I guess alittle adventure never killed anyone!(*Sonia laughing nervously still*)

The day turned out to be a good one-after all! I hope we can get something like this together again next year!

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