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White Oak Canyon 2010

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Written by Andrew on 08/02/2010.

We had a GREAT hike to White Oak Canyon on Saturday! The weather was perfect, the company was excellent and we had several members take the plunge (literally and figuratively) and come out to their first event.

We got started a little late and didn't get started hiking until around 12:30, but we made it up in about two hours. Okay, so the GROUP made it up in about two hours. Max made it up in about an hour and three quarters because he is young and frisky. I am very impressed.

Max and Bruce and Amay all hit the water at the top and assured us that it was very refreshing...once you were in. The unearthly howls as they were entering were enough to dissuade me, but there were several sets of feet that were delicately cooled, too. :)

We made it down in about an hour and a half (much easier going with gravity working for you) and made a recharge stop at the ice cream shack on the way back to DC. All in all, just a perfect summer hike and thanks so much to Anastasia for organizing!

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