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Basketball at Hayes Park

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Written by Andrew on 08/23/2010.

John says, "Well, I think that my first MEETinDC event was saved by Dan and Andrew! Without Dan's stellar knowledge of the area and other games in the vicinity and Andrew knowing some of the regulars at the court, (note from Andrew: ha ha ha...I just ACT like I know everyone!) the event would have been a bust. Thanks Dan and Andrew! As it so happened, it turned out that we met up with some good guys that have a regular game right down the street from Quincy Park and it was a fun outing. Did you get any good photos?

I'd like to schedule this event again. Perhaps we keep it at 3pm as a start time to let people get warmed up and join in the 4pm game if they want. What do you think?

(another note from Andrew: I think so! It was great fun and we need to do it again soon!)

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