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Grappa Italian Bistro Diner

February 2017

Hosted by

Randi   (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Denver, CO
Come out and join me for the "who cares about Valentines Day - I want wine" friends dinner!

This year I'm doing all I can to support local restaurants and shops. Grappa is a small family run Italian restaurant in Belmar (formally located in Golden). It's right next to the movie theaters, so you can't miss it. They have great Lasagna and super tasty Osso Buco or steaks - so not everything is pasta driven. They have wine by the glass or bottle as well.

We'll meet at the restaurant at 6:30 ish - Diner will be at 7PM.
Space is limited to the reservation as this is a small venue.
I might be able to swing it to 8, so message me if we are full and you want to attend.

Please don't do a Maybe unless the event is full.