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White-Trash Trailer Park Party at The Mo Hole

June 2018

Hosted by

Mo   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Denver, CO
Break out the hooters t-shirts, cut-offs, curlers, trucker hats and mullet wigs! We are partyin' White Trash style!

Trailer Park Boys will be rockin' the garage cinema, Toilet Bowl Cornhole, Flabongo, Giant Jenga, King's Staff, Sharpee "tattoo" art, and an award for best costume!

Feel free to byo folding chair and toilet plunger beer holder.

Here is what I have for snacks:
Corndogs (cooked on the grill)
Baloney Cheese Sandwiches
Tater Tots
Pork Rinds
Cheesy Poofs
If I missed your favorite, bring it!

So, hit up the thrift store (or your local Hooters) for some fantastic Trailer Park wear, blackout your front teeth with mascara, bring a growler or some beverages for the cooler or yourfavorite redneck snack, and enjoy a fantastic day of horrifying my neighbors!

Please park on 48th or 49th on the street if you are able. Leave the driveway clear for those with mobility challenges.