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Bubble Boy the Musical @ The Bug

February 2020

Hosted by

Mo   (Event photos) (Past events)

Dale   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Denver, CO
***This event has been rescheduled to 2/14, since the original date was cancelled due to weather.***

We love Equinox Theater Company at The Bug! Their plays are riotously funny and irreverent. Let's check out their next show!

Meet us inside the theater. Look for seats marked "Reserved for Mo Coghlan".

RSVP ASAP so I can get a headcount for reserved seating. Please RSVP NLT Wednesday 2/12 so that we can confirm reserved seats for our group with the theater.

How to buy your tickets:
Click on: Buy Tickets
On the right, it says "Have a code"
Enter: bubble
Click on: Apply
The discounted price of $22 each should show up for you when you check out.


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Bubble Boy
Jimmy Livingston was born without immunities and has spent his entire life confined inside a plastic bubble room. Enter Chloe, the girl next door, who becomes his friend and steals his heart. When she leaves town to get married, Jimmy travels cross-country in a homemade bubble suit in order to stop the wedding and finally tell her how he feels. Along the laugh-filled journey he deals with a crazy cult, a biker gang, a dead cow, and a controlling mother who will stop at nothing to get him back in the bubble. Directed by Colin Roybal