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The Twelve Drinking Days of Christmas: Day 12

December 2019

Hosted by

Dale   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Westminster, CO
On the 11th Drinking Day of Christmas we downed sake and cocktails at Hapa Sushi. Clearly the winners of this year's TDDoC are Mo & Dale. What shall we do for a tie breaker? Suggestions? We'll take the best one tonight!

The Notes:
It's nice that your dad can lick outside the box.
Mike explains to Britney the crucial difference between an orgasm roll and an multiple orgasm roll.
"Did you bring my cockring?"
And that's why Mo is all about the chronic.
Do you know an old white man who works at Ball? Yes. No, his name is actually White. Also, yes.
Eddie... the big guy who looks like King Kong Bundy
That gets my lady parts moving.
You got a baby daddy without a marriage license?
You're officially old when the women coming in to drink don't look old enough to drink.
You know, the dealer's room with the 6ft woman in a cat suit with a price sheet.
These were "balls to the wall" furries!
I feel like you may have just backed yourself into a Threeway. Wouldn't be the first time... or the fourth.
The format for group sex: Table for Six (and Dale over analyzing it as only 4 people being foreplay)
She was just there to Beaver Dam her???
ALL the penises of the animal kingdom displayed on the wall.
"Does that say Monopoly Sluts???"
Maybe he's a no-show-er, not a no-grower.
Because most women look better in Yoga Pants than men do in Sweatpants.
Speed Dating: I'm just here for the drinks
Look at you, picking the low hanging clams.
If you weren't getting blow jobs from randos in a BMW, what do you expect to get in a Mini Cooper?

The Points:
11 Fail Dale aka Brutus Concord aka dalay
11 Sammy Idaho (Mo)
05 Corky Foxfire (Furry Jake)
03 Alexis
04 Robin
03 Pearl Gotron (Melanie)
04 Eddie Cheddar
02 Carolyn
02 Ry Guy (Ryan)
02 Misty
02 Heli Telly No Poles (Karyn)
02 Bus Friend Brett
01 Ruecker
01 Collin
02 Brittany Bitch
01 Nancy
01 Grandpa Chad
01 Neil
01 Troy
01 Theron the Heron
01 Kelly
01 Confucius 28 (Fanny)
01 Kathleen
01 Adam
01 Nigel (Kenyon)
01 CJ
01 Ana
00 Hunter
00 Hal

TONIGHT is the LAST Night of TDDoC for 2019! We are headed to f'ing Broomfield because, well, that's where I need to be for an event, so suck it and come way the fuck up North if you want your point!