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Knock Your Boots Off Beer Tasting & Chili Cook-Off

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Written by Kevin on 10/15/2017.

It was another wicked wonderful Fall Festival/weekend in Golden Colorado. Special thanks to Bryan & Betsy for the Tickets and Hospitality and letting us dirty all your shot glasses….

It was Thumbs Down on the new location but we made it work. Tooo small a park and tooo many Hooligans . . . .

Thanks to Trudy & Michelle for the Great Rates & Accommodations at the Golden Hotel. That in itself was a highlight to the weekend. Plus crashing the Wedding party didn’t miss getting mentioned.

Congrat.’s again to Scott & Lisa on your Wedding. The rest of THOSE photos will be on my FB link out of respect. Wink Wink.

Sad to think that this will be the last of it’s kind (to this degree) if and when B & B move off to Hawaii – Fingers Crossed and prayers that all works out.

Thanks again to all for the laughs we shared and all you crazy ‘swingers’ (bar seats were swings!) that almost got us kicked out from the Underground.

Hope to see you all again next Fall. . . . .

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