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Supper Club Shenanigans

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Written by Jess on 05/17/2017.

The debut of supper-club was a resounding success! Great food, drinks, and company! Daniel and I arrived at 6:45 and found Lisa, Christina, and Chris already seated at a charming picnic table which was about a quarter the size of normal tables. We were placed in the outdoor biergarten area, near the cool bar which they had crafted out of an old shipping container.

Our poor waiter was running ragged from some issues with their beer taps outside as well as dealing with the sweltering 80 degree weather, so it took a little while for our drinks to arrive – but when they did they were delicious! The music was a perfect mix for the atmosphere created with their bar, tables, and the bocce ball court.

During the course of our event there were rules created for supper club:
The first rule of supper club is we don’t talk about supper club. 
Kidding. The actual first rule/phrase of supper club is “My palate is so expanded, it is ridiculous!”

The menu at Sovengard is definitely unique! I ordered the brisket and sweet potato dumplings – the brisket was amazing, however I was not a fan of the dumplings. After dinner and check out we moseyed up to our car to chat while waiting for Chris and Christina’s Lyft to arrive.

Overall, it was a great supper club debut with many more planned in the near future! We hope you join our next outing at Luna!

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