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Supper Club, where have you been my whole life?!

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Written by Jess on 07/13/2017.

WHOOOOO BUDDY! My tummeh is near full to bursting! I truly do not know what I have done without Supper Club this whole time. <(Whoa, what is that there, a period?! In my write ups?!) :D

Honestly, our gatherings for SupperClub have shown me that Grand Rapids offers a variety of great offerings other than Outback on Alpine. (which is my favorite steakhouse and common default when hungry).

After circling the five block radius for what felt like six hours (was really only 5 minutes) I found a parking spot on Campau and had only a quick U-Turn to perform - only to be hoisted on my own petard when some silly woman took my spot! (she and I had actually passed each other quite a few times)

Luckily, the golden ticket (empty parking meter) beamed at me while I was silently cursing the woman and waiting for the light to turn green, and I was able to find a spot not more than two blocks away from our evening venue.

I approached and immediately felt a dread fall upon me as I saw that the entire patio area was full. Seriously, in this heat, who is sitting outside? However when I walked in, I was blasted by the wonderful lifesaving air conditioning and doubly blessed with the visions of empty tables!

I sat at a table near the back area and no sooner than after water being delivered, Chris and Christina arrived! To our immense enjoyment, we were advised that the happy hour specials of the evening were still in effect and that my Cabernet were only going to be $5.00 for the entire evening! Christina and I began perusing the Grand Rapids Public Library's booklet for interesting and FREE events over the entire summer and were soon graced with the appearance of the lovely and hilarious Becky!

After Becky scolded Christina for some things which I will not tell (you should have shown up if you want the juicy bits) our evening fell into the wonderful, easy conversations held between friends, interspersed with the arrival of our Beer and Cheese Appetizer (thank you, Chris and Christina, I will buy the appetizer at City Built), tasty drinks, and even tastier food!

Christina ordered the Shrimp tacos, Chris ordered the sandwich of the day, week, or whatever it is that they are having the contest about (:P), Becky ordered the prime rib sandwich (I think)....her order kind of disappeared from my mind when the wonderful and gracious waitress set before me my Ribeye Steak.

After enjoying our wonderful meals, we wrapped up our conversations and drifted out front to wait for the Lyft rides for both Becky and Chris and Christina. (Someday, I will learn to call for a ride instead of being all independent and trying to find parking downtown).

I hope that we will see some of you at our next Supper Club at City Built Brewing! But before then, please take the opportunity to come hang out at our Bangarang event which will be showcasing the amazing feats of human acrobatics; or maybe I will see you at our New Member Mingler!

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