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Pumpkin-TINI & Carving

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Written by Kelly on 10/06/2009.

What a great day to have a pumpkin carving and martini party! With the sun out, and creativity flowing, about 15 members came out to enjoy this event. Paul was a wonderful co-host that cooked up an awesome batch of hot cider! WOW, if you missed it, you missed out BIG TIME! On top of that he also brought his famous buffalo chicken dip! OMG! We all quickly got into our own pumpkin designs. Eric helped out with cleaning of pumpkin seeds for roasted (Thanks Eric!) Some even brought their own pumpkin carving tools, not the ones you normally see, but powered tools, which was very interesting, and worked quite well! Soo the sun was setting, and we decided to line them all up in the kitchen for a vote. Voting was hard this year, but the crowd liked the "Mummy" done by Andrew and the "Spooky Tree" done by Ken. Both winners!! Congrats.....

Thank you all so much for enjoying the day with friends! Please remember to leave feedback, so we know you had a great time......

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