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Sushi and Stargazing at George Observatory

June 2009

Hosted by

Kheng Swee
Kheng Swee   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address houston, TX
Have a great sushi dinner without breaking the bank, then learn about the heavenly objects we DON'T see in the light-polluted Houston's night skies. Astronomers will be taking you on a slideshow presentation, then a "laser tour" of the skies before you enter the domes of 36" telescopes - one of the largest telescopes in the area!

You will also have the opportunity to view various interesting objects (such as Saturn, with its rings fully visible), globular clusters, galaxies and other interesting wonders.

You will also be given a "private" viewing on the 13" scope - on anything else that's out there!
If you cannot join us for sushi, here're the directions to the observatory: http://www.hmns.org/see_do/george_observatory/directions_admissions.asp

Just follow signs for Brazos Bend State Park

This is a good 30 minute drive from SW Houston, so make sure you don't come late.

Park gates will be locked by 10pm so make sure you get in before then... don't worry, I'll get you guys out even if you stay till midnight (which is usually the best time fir viewings)