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Snow Tubing What a RUSH

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Written by Darryl on 01/26/2007.

Oh what a day & night!
Not only was this little event fun it was FUN!! This was the 1st time I've ever gone tubing but I'll tell you what it will not be my last. Since it was my 1st time out every1 wanted me to be the 1st one in line going down the hill I was a little nervous but after that initial slid I was hooked & couldn't wait to get back up that hill for another run. The MEETin HBG gang were great giving some very good advice like "let go, let go, tuck & roll!" lol
It came in handy.
The after party was a blast as well, as you can see from the pictures. Can hardly wait til the next event! Big thanx to Coley, Andrew, Joe, Ben, Jenn, Kelly, April, & Laura for making this event so cool.

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