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Monthly dinner at SoulMama - 10August06

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Written by Heiko on 08/11/2006.

Robert, thanks for writing this here review:-) - hr
Last night we had a great turn out for what I hope will be a monthly tradition: the monthly dinner.

Melbourne's first Monthly Dinner u at Soulmama, where the hearty group of nine kicked the evening off with wine and fruit lassis. We opted for the lovely banquet feast that introduced us to turkish bread, and a dip platter comprising of pumpkin, baba ganoush, and a beetroot dip. Following this, a fine array of roasted vegetables, rices, couscous, and salads graced our tables, giving us lots to munch on as we mingled.

In addition to the colorful food, the company brought a great vibe to the evening, giving me something to look forward to should I return to Melbourne soonly.

Thanks to Heiko and the gang for making this a great event, and to Ranita for tagteaming with me on this!

Greets to Ammar, Christine, and Gisele, for checking out Mimel!


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