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Holiday Potluck

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Written by Christina on 01/21/2006.

So, this event was ages ago, and I'm a slacker for not getting the pictures up sooner. Just before XMAS, we had a small get together at my place, where everyone brought a little something and we all chowed down. It was gooooooooood. AV brought veggies, dips and cheese, Amy provided the bread, and I as the host provided the main course, of course (meatloaf, and pot pies). Mmm, mmm good. As for desserts, John did double duty - in addition to bringing some chips and cheese dip, he made some great pb cookies. Marla added to the cookie pot with some chocolate chip ones, and Sheena made a to die for caramel apple crumb topped pie. Needless to say, I think everyone's pants were fitting a little tighter when they left...

And, what would a party be without a few drinks... some beer, provided by Marla and John, and some Rudolph's punch provided by Matt, in keeping with the holiday theme.

Interestingly, the gift exchange went off with quite well, with a major theme identified - alcohol. This is after all, one of our parties. We ended up with every gift, save one, having an alcohol theme. They were all great... some wine, some wine glasses and charms, some vodka, a cosmo kit, a peppermint martini kit and glasses, and a CSI board game. Very cool indeed.

AV, Marla, Amy and Sheena got crazy with the paper snowflakes, and there were also a few paper airplanes to be found... We sang a happy belated bday to AV and John, with 1 candle in a cookie - sad, wasn't it?

All in all, I can't speak for others, but I had a great time, and I'm looking forward to doing another one in the future at some point. Thanks to all who came and made this event a blast.

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