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Bucket Night

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Written by Christina on 01/21/2006.

A great thanks to Marla for organizing this one. The initial (hopefully there will be more to come) bucket night, a.k.a. drink your own diver night was a total hit.

Marla, Jenn, Matt, John, Ben, the new Jen and I all met up at Silky's for a few divers. The guys, being guys decided that they would each have their own, while us girls split 3 between the 4 of us... close enough, right?

As you can see from the pictures, the divers worked their magic! We had a great time and ended up hitting 152 for a little booty shakin', which tends to happen whenever we hit Beale, somehow. Flashback to John's bday and Andrew's send off. BTW, we did make it to E&H, translation - out til 3 AM) but were too far gone to take any pics at that point.

Anyways, the following day was none too pretty, but it was a blast, as always. Hopefully a good welcome to the new Jennifer. Looking forward to the next big evening out, and hopefully everyone will join us...including some of you who missed this one.

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