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MiNOLA15: Drinks+Dinner+More Drinks on St. Peters

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Written by Gracie on 11/15/2015.

Today was the Pre-MiNOLA15 event. A handful of friends got to town early so we decided to go out for a bit and see a little bit of New Orleans. We started with the famous Hurricane Drink at Pat O'Brien's. We then went to the Gumbo Shop where the host was very sweet and took our large group without any problems. He couldn't sit us together but we didn't mind. We were still able to see each other. I guess that counts.

After a great meal, we stayed on St. Peters and went to a local's bar called Boondocks. This is a good place to go when you are tired of the hustle and bustle. It was a Wednesday therefore it was not busy and the bartender was very sweet.

We ended the night by walking down Bourbon Street. Most called it an early evening since many did not get much sleep and wanted to be in good condition for the official start.

Thanks to those who came out. Stay tuned for more write ups of other events.

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