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updated on 10/15/09 8:52:29
Visiting Paris Dec 29, 2009-Jan2,2010
I am visiting Paris for the first time December 29th, 2009 and staying in a flat that I rented in District 2 till Jan 2nd 2010. I have never been to France and I don't speak French. I am affiliated with the Portland, Oregon Meetin. Do you folks do much during this holiday time as a group? I would love some recommendations on any recommended activities for New Years. It would seem like the rather inexpensive but fun place to be is by the Eifel Tower outside for a big fireworks display (Is is called the Champs de Elyse?). Does anyone like to play tour guide? Would love to converse via email ahead of time - I am going there by myself. From there I head off to Switzerland - seems like Interlaken is the a good place to go (I will be there for five days as well), so any recommendations for that area are also welcome. Thanks in advance for your help. Lisa :)

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