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Cameron Johnson
updated on 05/18/08 10:54:55
First time in Paris. Help!
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Two nights ago, on impulse, I booked myself a first class ticket to Paris, and told myself I was going to Paris (for the first time, GASP!). Now it's sunk in that I am essentially bankrupt in French speaking, save for a few expressions hijacked from thrice yearly trips to St. Barts ("nice yacht" en francais?) and shopping trips to Montreal (bi-lingual city, doesn't count) and I need some help! Someone to take pity on me, and show me around, drink wine with me, and pet me like a stray cat. Friends have told me "do this, do that", but I'd love to just meet some people, connect and do things slowly, properly. I love food, wine, dancing, shopping and film. I also love to walk, endlessly, and without direction. Get in touch and let's get a drink. !

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