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Tempe Satsang and Adept meditation

March 2019

Hosted by

Chris   (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Tempe, AZ
The best place to park is in the parking lot just north of Ash Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway. We are not a beginners group, however all are welcome to join us and there are no dues or fees for attending. This is a great meeting for those who want to deepen in their spiritual life and come closer to their higher power that focuses on the ancient art of Atma nishta, or Atma yoga. We meet every monday and wednesday afternoon on the south side of Tempe town lake- east of the boat rentals in the grass area on the other side of the two bridges near the trees at 4pm. In the beginning we introduce ourselves, read a few verses from spiritual literature that is geared toward eastern mysticism and philosophy, but is not exclusive to any particular path and then we sit for either 40 or 60 minutes being guided by myself. You are highly encouraged to bring your own yoga seat or at least a pillow or something that will allow you to feel comfortable for a long period and any literature that you would like to read before the meditation that you enjoy and are connected to as long as it is not obscene or promoting harm towards any other being. After the meditation we all share our experience with our meditation and end in a prayer. Note: You may want to bring a jacket, sweatshirt and/or blanket as it is still very cold out. We do not meet if it is raining or there are hazardous weather conditions. There is a public drinking fountain within walking distance next to the lake where we sit and bathrooms to the west.