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Fineview Stepathon 2012

October 2012

Hosted by

Jennifer   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Pittsburgh, PA
This is a public event. See below for info on registration.

Address is approximate; see website for the Race.

Are you a runner, about to run the Great Race? An urban explorer? A fitness nut? Or just a masochist? How fast should you pace yourself, going up a stairway that rises out of view? How fast can you go? One thing for sure, the harder you fight the steps, the harder they fight back! We saved the best for last… the legendary Rising Main stairway. High as a 17-story building, disorienting as it leans this way and that, your legs feeling like jelly as you near the top… The Stepathon, ready to chew you up and spit you out!
Race Info

Date: October 6, 2012

Time: 8:30 AM

Location: Howard Street, North Side

The Race

One challenge is to finish the course as fast as you can, battling your way up steep hills and impossibly high stairs. How high? The largest stairway, Rising Main, has 330 steps – same as a 17-story building!

As with any trail race, following the course is another part of the challenge. There are 47 turns on the course. We don’t have volunteers guiding you at every turn – this ain’t no pansy-ass road race! The course is marked with orange flagging tape on trees and telephone poles, and directional arrows painted on the pavement at every intersection and turn. Pay attention, or you may go off-course. If you cross a river or run past a a Best Buy, you’re lost.


The course starts on Howard Street, just off of E. North Avenue, next to I-279. It climbs up, down, and around Fineview, dipping down to the edge of Deutschtown at one point, climbing more steps and the Incline Trail to the ball field and the Catoma Street overlook, zigging and zagging throuth the back side of the neighborhood, plunging down scary-steep Sussex Street and under I-279, back down the East Street Valley past St. Boniface Church, flying across the I-279 pedestrian bridge, pushing up the incredible Rising Main Steps to the top of Television Hill, and then one last little downhill to the big finish at the Catoma Street Overlook. Collect your finisher’s award and cheer on the finishers. What a view!

Race Rules

No Whining!
On the steps, keep right except to pass.
If someone is blocking your way, ask to pass. If they’re lost in their own little Ipod world, then pushing and elbowing is allowed, encouraged, even cheered!
If you’re elbowed in the gut, see #1.
Please use the sidewalks if available, or stay to the edge of the street. There may be cars on the course – watch out for texting teens and the grannies with the “stuck accelerators”
Look both ways before crossing busy East Street. Beware of drivers that speed like your Race Director.
Be careful on the steps. Wooden steps are slippery when wet. Concrete steps have chipped or broken treads. Handrails are missing. Remember – “safety starts with you!” Man, don’t ya love those safety slogans?
Wave at the cars on I-279 below. Their pathetic, dull lives can’t compare to yours at that moment.
Stick around and cheer on the finishers. Lie to each other about how much you enjoyed the killer Rising Main Steps near the end.
Kick ass & have fun!

Course Markings

The route will be marked with orange flagging tape tied to trees, poles and railings. Orange directional arrows will be painted on the pavement at every turn and intersection. If you come upon an intersection with no markings, you’re off course. You don’t need to be Mantracker to find your way. Just pay attention! If you leave the course for any reason, you must re-enter the course at that spot.


All hikers and runners that complete the course will receive a glass finisher’s award. Sorry, there’s no plastic trophy for “3rd place, men age 35-40″, but those of you that win races have enough dust collectors on your shelves already!


Port-A-Johns will be located at the start and finish (you’ll also pass the finish at mile 2), and water stops will be along the way.

Leave No Trace

Just like most trail races, the Step-A-Thon subscribes to “Leave No Trace” ethics. We want to leave the neighborhood cleaner than we found it. Please help us by placing all litter in cans or bags provided by the volunteers, or take it with you. Yes, that means water cups, banana peels, and those STUPID, STICKY LITTLE GU PACKET TABS THAT WE ALL HATE SO MUCH!!! Thanks for your support.