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Groundhog Day!

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Written by Sheela on 02/23/2012.

SOMEONE HELP US! We are re-living the same day over and over again. Every day that I wake up I discover it is Groundhog Day. I am leaving this message in hope that someone will find it and be able to stop the madness. I know it's more than likely useless, but how can we not hope? If anyone can save us it's you!

After work every day I take the T to Dormont -- not that Dormont isn't a lovely town, it is -- but imagine traveling the same way every single day in an infinite repetition. Oh wait, I suppose most of you do. It's called commuting. Well, never mind -- every day I and my fellow meeps meet at Mexi-Casa restaurant for dinner before the movie. There's Jen, Bill, Lisa, Inna, and Jack there to greet me.

Here's where the day turns -- no one else that I encounter during the day realizes that the day is repeating itself except my fellow meeps. I suppose it's because meeps always come through, and this is proven night after night we plot ways of breaking the perpetual loop of our day. We've tried everything we could think of from a valiant effort by Inna and Jen to pretend to be groundhogs themselves to more obscure rituals that I cannot bear to speak of.

Every evening we end up at the Hollywood Theater watching a movie, Groundhog Day, with painstaking focus in that hope that we can glean some kind of clue, some guidance from the story about a man stuck in the same torment as us and reliving the same day over and over again. But, so far it's done us no good. Despite the ice sculpture, piano, and yodeling classes (don't ask about the last, anything was worth trying).

At last, having exhausted all other options, all we could think to do was to leave a message in hopes that someone would find it and save us. Yes, that means you! As Princess Leia would say: MEETinPGH, you're our only hope.

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