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McMenamins Passport Pub Crawl(ish) & Tour (Pg 10)

March 2019

Hosted by

Gracie   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Portland, OR
For this event, you can earn some stamps, experiences, or just come because you want to come out.

This event will be a tad different than some of the others but worth going to since some locations are more challenging to get stamps.

We will meet at 1:40 PM so we can order drinks which they allow you to take on the tour. At 2:00 PM we will be taking a free tour of the McMenamins Crystal Ballroom and Lola's Room as well as the Brewery. As many of us found out, the Crystal Ballroom and Lola's Room are not always open therefore you may get one stamp, but not the other. Today you will get both! Plus, you'll get the brewery experience stamp.

If you only need one of these stamps, feel free to leave after you get that stamp. For example if you only need Lola's Room stamp, you can leave after we tour that location or stay and enjoy the rest of the tour. It's up to you.

After the tours we will regroup at Al's Den to continue getting stamps. Al's Den is across the street and downstairs.

Once we have everyone together, we will continue to Ringler's Annex, pass by Zeus Cafe where those who did not go to lunch can get their stamp, then to the hotel where we will get our final stamp and prize (you can also get your prize at Ringler's Pub).

Looking forward to seeing you soon!