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Stamping & Camping in South Oregon (Salem-Roseburg

June 2019

Hosted by

Gracie   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Roseburg, OR
At first I started this camping trip because I was trying to find a way to make getting the Roseburg stamp fun. After completing it this way for the last 3 years, I now look forward to this camping trip and have now extended it to a full weekend.

So far we have 6 people going in 3 different sites. Woo! Hoo! There may be room in ours. Waiting to hear back. Let me know if you are interested or you can get your own site.

We are in site 31 while others are on 32 & 33. Feel free to get any of the close ones.(30 or 29). OR if you can talk others to join you, there's a group site right behind ours (Site B). You can get that one and divide it between friends.

So? What's the plan?
If you can take Friday off or do not have to work on Friday, 6/28 then join us during the day for the following. If you do have to work, don't worry, we will be visiting Roseburg again tomorrow (Saturday).

Friday, we meet here, there or wherever, jump into 1 or 2 cars, then drive.

* Boon's Treasury - Stamp only
* Thompson Brewery & Public House - Lunch (sandwich or wrap of our choice which is Salem prize) --- Plan on arriving around 11:15 - 11:30 AM for an early lunch.

After lunch, we'll stop in Corvallis and Eugene where we will take our prizes to go and save for dinner. Be sure to bring a cooler that can hold food items.

* McMenamins Corvallis Pub - Stamp Only
* McMenamins on Monroe - Drink & pick up prize which is an appetizer (I recommend Scooby Snacks so you can warm them up over the campfire at dinner or maybe a side for whatever you plan on getting at the next location).

Next we will do the Eugene locations:
* North Bank - Stamp only
* High Street Brewery & Cafe - Stamp only
* North Bank - Get our fries or tots prize to go (we'll have it for with dinner at the campsite. If we have a ton then we'll save some for tomorrow's lunch or dinner.)

We will then head to the campsite. We will set up our tents, check the place out, hang out for a little bit, then...

Jump back in the car(s) and head to Roseburg.

We can enjoy a drink in Roseburg while looking for the clue. If you take your growlers, why not get it filled and earn your experience stamp. Now you'll have something to drink at the campsite. ;)

We'll return to the campsite where we'll have dinner and enjoy our first camp night.

Saturday will consist of campfire coffee. Oh, joy! We'll spend the day enjoying the water.
* If you have a boat, feel free to tow it. Please check with the campground about fees.
* Definitely bring floating chairs - We have the perfect place to float (see pictures above) which is a few yards from our spot.
- There is also a beach area that we can checkout. Granted, there are a lot of children there, but we can still check it out.
* If you feel like fishing, bring your pole or let me know and I'll see how many extras we have.

For those who have a new passport or did not get Roseburg, around 4 or 5pm we will return to Roseburg to get the stamp.

We will return to the campsite and cook dinner on the fire pit or if you have a BBQ, we'll cook on there.

Sunday - Checkout is at noon. For those who did not get their stamps or have a new passport, we'll visit all the South Oregon locations as we head north. We'll start at the Eugene locations and end up at North Bank. You are welcome to take your tots to go but we will not stay since we want to get stamps at the other locations.

East 19th Street Café - Stamp only
High Street Brewery & Café - Stamp only
North Bank - Drink and tots/fries to go (optional)

Corvallis is the next stop. We will decide this together. Do we want to make our appetizer our lunch or do we want to take it to go? Salem's prize is a sandwich or wrap so we can decide how hungry we are by the time we get to Corvallis Pub.
* McMenamins on Monroe - Stamp only
* McMenamins Corvallis Pub - Drink and appetizer?

Next is Salem:
* Thompson Brewery & Public House - Stamp only
* Boon's Treasury - Stamp & late lunch (sandwich or wrap) unless we at in Corvallis.

About the campsite:

The Campsite is on a reservoir that is a popular with fishermen, motor boaters, and sailors. Warm water fish species are present as well as stocked rainbow trout and native cutthroat trout. The campground at Baker Bay is set on the South shore of the lake and in a well forested area.

Sites with fees are: $30 for one day and $50 for two days.

What to bring:
Mat or air mattress (optional)
Camp Chairs
Food for Saturday night's dinner
Food for breakfast (Saturday & Sunday)
2 bundles of firewood
Drinks (alcohol or non)
Swimsuit (bring even if you think you will not swim because once you see the water, you will want to be in it).
Something to float on (we will definitely do this)
Fishing gear (optional)

Each site only takes 2 cars.
Extra cars will need to pay $7 and park in the main parking lot.

Carpooling: Please donate $$$ to the driver for gas. $10 per person seems reasonable but up to you.

- Please notate on RSVP if you would like to carpool and if another person attends, we will pass the info on to them, otherwise each person will drive themselves.

*** You know I love our pups, but this is a no doggy event. ***