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Spooktacular Pumpkins

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Written by Salee on 10/30/2007.

Five fleshies joined together to spook up some Halloween fun on Friday night. We chowed down on chips, pizza, soda, and snacks before getting down and dirty with our pumpkins. Andy dug right in and got his pirate ship afloat before the rest of us. Barry went free hand for his Leatherface rendition while Lisa designed the dual-sided "faces of good and evil" on her pumpkin. Salee witched it out with the help of little KoKo and Paul made the grand-daddy of them all with his Happy Halloween.

We ended the evening with some beer and rounds of Bad Fur Day blowing up squirrels and teddy bears. Even scarier than the spirit of Halloween was watching me trying to play a video game! Thanks to everyone who came out. Next year will be even bigger!

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