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Holiday Party and Games

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Written by Salee on 12/21/2007.

Can you say stuffed? We had so much excellent food, good drinks, and great laughs that our sides were hurting. From the sauerkraut Christmas mouse, the eggplant lasagna, orange chicken, meats, cheeses, rolls, the many dips, numerous sides (gotta love that squash casserole and scalloped potatoes) to the cookies and "mushroom" crispy treats we had a true smorgasbord fit for a king (or three).

Choosing what was better - the food or the fun - was hard. I will never forget such memorable quotes from Adri, "I'll try your mouse's a$$ if you try my balls..." from Lisa, "It's not cheating if it's plastic..." and my favorite quote of the night from Josh, "When peeing standing up, remember . . it is all in the hips and the fingers..."

And then there were the games! Great rounds of Guesstures and Taboo all around. The ladies stole the night against the gents. Rematch anyone?

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