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Happy Hour at Blind Lady Ale House

November 2010

Hosted by

Lindsay   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address San Diego, CA
Meetin SD has been dead for a while, so I am attempting to resuscitate it. Blind Lady Ale House is located in North Park/Normal Heights area. They have delicious pizza and a great microbrew beer selection. Let's hang out and enjoy a nice cold brew with a hot tasty pizza! We'll meet around 6:30 p.m. so you will still have plenty of time to go out and enjoy the rest of your Friday night, if you wish.

If you are new to Meetin SD and haven't been to an event, please don't let that intimidate you. I didn't know anyone when I came to my first event either, so send me an email letting me know you are coming and I'll keep an eye out for you!

Parking can be tough in this area, as it is all street parking. Arrive early or prepare to walk a few blocks. Friends and significant others welcome!