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Happy Hour at Fred's Mexican Cafe!

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Chris Ann
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Written by Chris Ann on 11/20/2008.

Yeah yeah, as usual I'm late with posting the pics... so after keeping you all on the edge of your seats, here you go!

Happy hour at Fred's was fun! I got there on time, but a few folks got there before me so they were able to snag us a nice, big table right in the middle of the bar. Yay! We dined on yummy tacos and other delights and definitely took advantage of the happy hour drink specials. Some of us more than others - hahaha! And after much confusion over who ordered what and who was supposed to drink what, it all worked out in the end. :)

Thanks to Trish, Jay, Bruce, Megan, Aurora, Sai, Lindsay and Anurag for joining in on the fun!

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