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St. Patrick's Day Happy Hour!

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Chris Ann
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Written by Chris Ann on 03/27/2009.

It turned out to be a pretty good idea to have a St. Patrick's Day happy hour at a place that was a bit out of the way and not necessarily Irish. Not only did we get to partake of some great Irish-y food and drink, but we also had no trouble parking, had space for 25 saved for us, didn't have to wait on our orders, etc. YAY!

This is a GREAT place too, by the way. We will definitely have another happy hour here another time.

So we all put on our green, dined on corned beef and cabbage (or nachos - we pretended they were Irish!), and drank Guinness and Killian's and had a great time! A couple of us tried our hand - well, foot - at the football kicking machine. All was great there until I broke Trish's flip-flop. Whoops!

Thank you to everyone who showed up! I hope you had a great time!

Until the next one... Slainte!

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