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Dinner/Drinks at Blind Lady

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Written by Lindsay on 12/04/2010.

We started out the night at Blind Lady Ale House for a delicious pie and brew. Megan, Christina, Trish, Sai, Ryan, Ashley, Greg and myself all crowded around the small table I was able to snatch (busy place!) as we enjoyed the array of pizzas and beer. My favorite was Megan's egg and bacon pizza (yum!). Ashley worked her southern charm and eventually we ended up with a reasonably sized table.

After we finished eating, we walked over to Triple Crown Pub for some pool and foosball. Sai and Greg ruled the foosball table for most of the night, and Greg and Lindsay came close (not really) to beating Trish and Ryan at a game of pool.

Once we were all foosballed-out, we walked over to Ryan's place to play a little Wii. I can tell you from personal experience, Mario Kart on Nintendo 64 is quite a bit easier :) That princess just does not know how to ride a street bike.

Thanks to everyone who came out, hope you can make the next one (probably after the holidays)!

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