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Cache Creek Canyon RAFTING

June 2009

Hosted by

Darrell   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Rumsey, CA
I have to pay to book the rafts. I still have to pay if you do not show up. If you are not sure please put yourself as a maybe until you are sure you can make it.

For every two people that confirm I can book another two person raft. We can book as many as we need. (booked 5 to start) Please feel free to invite friends that might want to join. The more people we have the more fun it will be.
Please contact me if you have a large group that will want to join or any specific questions.

On to the description:

This is one of the most popular whitewater runs in California, owing to reliable summer flows and proximity to the bay area. Many fun class II+ rapids are concentrated in a short distance. Water quality is improved by north fork releases from Indian Valley reservoir.
Stretch: Bear Creek to Rumsey Bridge
Difficulty: Class II+ (one portage, one class III)

This will be a an easy rafting run. They let 12 year olds do it.

We will be put in Two person rafts with no guide. (there is someone at the end of the group to make sure there we stay on time.)

You will be wearing a life persevere for the whole run. You will float if you fall in. The water will not be that deep for most of the run.

For the most part it is all about just having fun and floating long. There are a couple of rapids but nothing that is that big or dangerous, although you will have to pay attention and paddle. A couple of places to pull out and sunbathe. A rope swing as well.

It will take 4-5 hours for the whole run with stopping for lunch and having fun on the way.

Things to bring

Bathing suit or clothing that you will not mind being wet in.

Laced tennis shoes or other footwear specifically designed for rafting are the only acceptable footwear. Without proper footwear you will not be allowed to raft.
Pack everything in a wet sack. It will get wet.
Water bottle in bottle holder, carabineer to clip bottle onto raft.
Camera in waterproof housing or underwater camera (wet sack has leaked!)
Snack food: nuts, etc. Pack in a Ziploc bag.
Small plastic ice chest with plenty of drinks and ice for your raft ride. (it will be tied to the raft, Make sure the top will not float away.) NO alcohol , booze and rapids do not mix
Mini-wallet: ID and some cash (There will be an ice cream truck at one of the pull outs)
Sunglasses with croakies/strap so you don't loose them if you tip and swim.
Water cannons (optional)

At the end, you end up at the car soaking wet. It's nice to have a change of clothes in the car if you don't want to wait in the sun for yourself to dry.
Pack into it's own backpack and leave in the car for the way home.
Shorts and T-shirt to change into. (long pants if you stop at the casino, one word, AC)
Towel to dry off and change underneath
Perhaps extra money for T-shirt, rafting pics, gas, and dinner on the way home.
When we get back to the parking lot you can buy T-shirts or rafting pictures.

On the way back we will be passing the Cache Creek Casino

We can stop and have dinner there. There are several places to eat inside, as well as a buffet ($18 per person, not to bad). I am not a gambler, but perhaps you can win enough to buy us all dinner?