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Kayak/Canoe Adventure on Wakulla River (9/30)

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Written by Rocky on 10/01/2007.

This was a fun trip. Here's a perfect example of MeetinTallahasse's potential. I love kayaking. So I decided to post an event and get people to join me kayaking, and guess what some people showed up on a Sunday morning to join me. Aaron, Tina, Rebecca, Michael, Mariyana, Olena and Sherman all came out and we had so much fun. We kayaked six miles on the Wakulla River and saw some manatees (though unfortunately I didn't get pics of them as the one I was close enough to was pretty deep in the water). Regardless, in addition to being fantastic exercise, it was just a fun time. And we're definitely going to do another kayak trip in the near future. Don't miss out.

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