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New Member Meet and Greet @ Red Elephant 12/6/07

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Written by Rocky on 12/09/2007.

Wow. We had a great showing of old and new members at the Red Elephant this past Friday night. I'd like to welcome new members Yuhmei, Leah, Blythe, Jason and Patricia to the chapter and of course, I'd like to thank the some of the senior members (okay, the chapter is like six months old so senior maybe not so, but still...) for dropping by and meeting and greeting. A lot of great ideas for events were added by our new friends and I hope 2008 will see a lot of these things come to fruition. Also, please please please RSVP to any event you want to come to!!! :=) Luckilly, we were able to get another table next to us, but we definitely had more than I thought were going to show (which was awesome, though!!). Also, if you were at this event PLEASE comment on pictures and what not!! THANKS!!!

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