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Queen's Plate

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Written by Mary on 07/16/2010.

So Glenn organized this wonderful event. We had a great time, Glenn, Yuan, Joanne, Skyy, Linda, Nancy and myself. Some of us made a few bets, some of us made some money, most of us lost but had fun all the same.

If you are interested in going to the track the entrance is free, you can make a bet as low as $2, and it is accessible by TTC. Please check out the website: www.woodbineentertainment.com
If you do decide to go, make it an event here on MEETin so that others can join you.

We did get to see the queen, she was sitting fairly close to us, but of course we couldn't shake her hand or give her a kiss!!

Here are some photos that I took, but I know that Yuan got some much better shots.

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