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DC ROADTRIP-- Rally to restore sanity

October 2010

Hosted by

Greg   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Virginia Beach, VA
If you haven't heard about this, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is holding a rally at the National Mall in DC. The goal being to reapply common sense to our political chaos. I'm sure this will will be both entertaining and, well, not entirely sure. But it will be interesting. I've been a Daily Show fan for a while and think its worth the trip.

The rally formally begins at noon, but I would expect we should be on the lawn by at least 10 to have a chance to see anything. According to Facebook, there are 200,000+ people expected to attend! Regardless, we will be picking a metro station to park near and take that into the District.

Plans are still being considered, whether we drive up late Friday and stay overnight. If we drive same-day, expect to leave about 5am. Yikes, Starbucks isn't open that early :(

So who is up for a roadtrip?