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Game Night 101

October 2009

Hosted by

Monique   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address New Westminster, BC
OK Folks It's Finally Here!!!
This Saturday bring your great conversation, game mood and a bit of a thirst for fine teas and some tapas (coffee is available of course). This place has some awesome desserts too!

Reservations have been made for this Saturday at 7 pm at the Orange Room in New West. The music will be quiet Jazz which is great for our minds and dealing with the pressures board games bring on.... JUST kidding!

The locations is close to the Royal City Centre Mall, on 6th street. Easy to find and parking is nearby - use side 'streets' of 7th or Hamilton Avenues if you need to, but parking is also on 6th street. Transit is available from New Weststation, head east out of the skytrain down the stairs, (not the street with the Spaghetti Factory on it).

Bring some board games if you like! I'm bringing Carcassonne and maybe one other. Card games are also welcome!

RSVP now!

See you there,