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MEETinorg Online Social Group Second Anniversary

Source: prnewsnow.com

May 12, 2005 -- MEETin, a social club comprising mostly twenty and thirtysomethings who plan social events in 70 cities around the globe, is celebrating its second anniversary this month with a Convention in Washington, D.C. from May 13-15. Founded in Washington, this no-fee social organization has now grown to more than 30,000 members worldwide. More than 400 MEETin members are planning to attend the DC Convention, including many from outside the Washington area.

"I could never have imagined that MEETin would have grown at such a phenomenal rate," said "Mikey" Heard, a computer engineer who founded the group two years ago, with its first chapter meetings at his house. "The group's success is based on being able to build a social network, sort of like gold mining for new friends."

The group is run by some 600 volunteers worldwide. Membership is burgeoning in such core cities as D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco. But smaller to mid-size groups also have sprung up around the country and internationally, in such cities as Montreal, Amsterdam, Geneva, Sydney, Tokyo, and elsewhere.

"I love how I can travel to different cities and have an instant community wherever I go," said Aarthi Tejuja, a regional director for Meetin.org in Chicago.

MEETin's primary focus is to provide a relaxed, non-pickup social scene for its members to make new friends, without charging membership fees. Events include happy hours, camping, hiking, team sports, art gallery tours, dinners, discussions, and concerts.

This weekend's Convention kicks off on Friday with a mixer, followed by dinner and dancing. Events scheduled throughout the weekend include canoeing on the Potomac, visiting Eastern Market, attending a Nationals game, hiking in Great Falls, biking around the city, as well as photo treks, happy hours, receptions, and dinners. In total, some 30 separate events and break-out sessions are scheduled over the three days.

Joining the group is as simple as logging onto the website at /. Members choose from one of the listed cities and create a member profile. Members can attend any event that interests them, as well as plan their own events. Cost of membership is free, except for the cost of events, such as dinner or a movie. The organization is open to everyone, single or married. "MEETin is not a posting board or a dating site," Heard said. "Its focus has always been on planning local social events that bring people together in real time to have a good time."

About MEETin.org MEETin.org is a global social network that brings people together to find new friends through planned social events. MEETin.org originally started in Washington, D.C. by Mikey Heard in April 2003 and has expanded to more than 70 cities with more than 30,000 members. MEETin groups can be found in most major U.S. cities, Canada, and abroad in more than 12 cities internationally, including Sydney, Paris and London. For more information, or to find a group in your area, please visit /.