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Montr�al Meetin Success Story

Source: onlypunjab.com

Publish Date : 12/10/2004 7:53:00 PM Source : Networking News Onlypunjab.com

Montr�al�s online friends network, MEETinMONTREAL, has tripled in size in recent months. Unlike other internet groups, it is free and exists in reality not just in cyberspace. Montreal residents, new and old alike, get together for dinner, movies, parties, sports and other fun activities. The first event organised by the group�s leader Krista was at McKibbins Pub in October and the group�s size has spiralled since then.

Members of the group come from different backgrounds and have diverse life experiences. �I have made five good friends since joining the group in October� says Fran, an event planner for Meetin. �All the people are so different. I�ve really enjoyed meeting people who have travelled around the world and making Quebecois friends who can teach me some French. I really like the way that anyone can suggest an event and make something happen. As I only want to make new friends, it�s great to go out and not have to put up with guys hitting on me. I recommend this site to all the people I meet in Montreal and many of them have signed up too.�

Previous MEETtinMONTREAL events include a sushi night, a Polish food night, a jazz concert and a game of pool. Upcoming events in Montreal are also varied and take in dinner, dancing and ice-skating.

Meetin was first started in Washington D.C. and called MEETinDC. After being part of a yahoo group that focused on bringing people together in DC that were from San Francisco, it expanded into the successful group you see today. MEETinDC was very different to event posting boards within many online groups. It focused on events that brought people together to meet and has been an amazing success. MEETinDC now has over three thousand members and there are now Meetin groups in England, France, Switzerland, Australia, China and Japan, as well as Canada and the U.S.

Meetin is a free, friend-making network that has flourished throughout the U.S. and is now expanding into Canada. Montrealers now have a new way to make friends and get out and explore their fantastic city. A new circle of friends is only a click away, /city/MEETinMONTREAL/