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The Social Web

Source: dcist.com

New to town? This being D.C., you're certainly not alone. But how should people new to the city go about meeting people? The workplace certainly provides some options - but DCist knows of plenty surrounded by those who, shall we say, who don't exactly share similar interests.

Here at DCist we're full of ideas. The internet can provide plenty of options for the lonely and bored, dating sites aside (which we won't address here).

The career-minded might be interested in the D.C. Society of Young Professionals, an organization claiming over 40,000 members which "exists to create a positive and exciting environment for young professionals in the greater D.C. area.

The interest-based and recently redesigned Meetup.com claims over 2,200 groups and 31,000 members in the Washington D.C. "area". From cards to polyamory, they've got you covered. For the adventurous, the strictly platonic category on Craigslist seems to be doing quite well, and the Craigslist community in general can provide hours of enjoyment.

Finally, for those seeking a free, "'non-pickup-scene' social environment," there's MEETinDC. With nearly 2,500 members and a social calendar brimming with activities, the service is free except for the direct cost of the activities themselves (such as food and drink). They even have a special message for "those in their 40s and 50s" about their intention to also include older members. The photo is from the recently held MEETinDC olympics.

Posted by Rob Goodspeed