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The MEETin.org Mascot sPIKEY appears on the today show

Source: MEETin.org

By Carmel

Photos of Today Show CLICK HERE
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January 5, 2006�The two-month old mascot of MEETin.org, spIKEY niTEEM made his first appearance on NBC�s "Today" show this morning. Accompanied by two friends from MEETinDC, spIKEY braved the frigid New York City morning to hang outside the NBC Studios at Rockefeller Plaza. This small sacrifice was promptly rewarded, when at approximately 8:31 a.m., spIKEY can be seen �floating� above the crowds from the left side of the screen, before dancing on top of Katie Couric�s head.

spIKEY�s TV debut was witnessed by several MEETin cities, many of which had no advanced notice of his TV appearance. spIKEY TV sightings were promptly reported on the MEETin.org Global Message Board. "I was getting ready for work and I hear them say �These girls have some kind of a doll over here� and I turn around and there's Spikey! Pretty funny!!!" reports Laurel from MEETinATLANTA. "Just saw him on TODAY Show!" writes Mike from MEETinPHILLY, who then called in his congratulations to spIKEY's two MEETinDC escorts. "I'm in a hotel in San Diego and, I just saw SpIkey on the today show! I started screaming and my roommate ran out of the bathroom freaked out... only to find that it was something she didn�t really understand... I'm like ITS SPIKEY!!!!!!" says Carolyn from MEETinDALLAS.

The idea of creating a mascot for MEETin was conceived in the fall of 2005, right before the first MEETin trip to Europe. spIKEY niTEEM�s raison d�etre is to travel to as many MEETin cities as possible, meet new friends, and take plenty of pictures to document his adventures. For this purpose, spIKEY has his own section on the MEETin web site, where new friends can track his travels.

MEETin.org is a global social network that brings people together to find new friends through planned social events. MEETin.org originally started in Washington, D.C. in April 2003, founded by Mikey Heard. The MEETin network has expanded to more than 70 cities with over 44,000 members. MEETin groups can be found in most major U.S. cities, and select cities in Canada, Europe, and Asia, including Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Tokyo, Bangalore, and Sydney. For more information, or to find a group in your area, please visit /.